Dr. Berkley L. Dickerson was born on January 26th in Dover, Delaware. Born and raised in the city.  Going from Baptist to Methodist, to COGIC and in later years became a member of Kent Christian Church(UPC) under the leadership of Pastor Trout.  He resided in the city until his later adulthood. Then he relocated to Easton, MD.

One day the Lord laid it on the heart of a classmate to invite him to come attend a Revival that would be going on at Kent Christian Church. He was inspired to go to see what the service would be like in comparison to what he was typically use to. On this particular night the Word of the Lord was Preached and the alter call was made and the Spirit of the Lord begin to Prick Dr. Dickerson's heart "To make his calling and his Election sure" as he made his way to the alter his understanding was opened to the fact..ONE LORD, ONE FAITH AND ONE BAPTISM!!! He right then and there was Baptized(EMERGED) in water in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! Later receiving the Precious Gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as God gave the utterance. Elder Dickerson was a very Faithful member of his church and often times would assist in duties in the church. Leading to elevation.  After serving in this capacity for many years he began to feel a leading of the Lord to move him to the call of Ministry. He began to be pulled in the way of not just reading the Word of the Lord but had a more so desire to begin to study to show himself approved. Believing that just as the Apostle Paul, thus begun his Biblical Studies.

In 1990 He received a Diploma and Associates Degree in Theology from The Christian Life School of Theology in Augusta Georgia,  In1997 Graduating from The Family Bible College and Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland earning his  Bachelors degree in Theology.  He later enrolled into Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary, as well as Tripp Bible Institute, working for advanced studies in Christian Counseling.  

Dr. Dickerson experienced some twist and turns in life. Greater job opportunities among other contributing factors would lead Dr. Berkley Dickerson, to relocate to Talbot County. Little did he know God still had Great Plans for him. He was on a journey to Destiny.

While living in Talbot County Dr. Dickerson kept very busy with work as well as school. On Sunday's he would visit varies places of Worship in search of a "Oneness" Fellowship, he soon come to realize Apostolic Tabernacles were far and between. Still wondering The Purpose for the entire move etc. He continued on. Staying busy and continued to run from the call.

In the year of 1998 Dr. Dickerson met his Ms. Kalinda Polk at that time. In time Dr. Dickerson would fall deeply in love with her as he would soon dedicate her as her often calls her " His Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady". Neither he nor his wife had any idea as to what was about to be as they both were mandated to attend a company function one working for a company out of Easton and the other working for a company out of Denton two different workplaces. It was through this unexpected coming together that they would meet. As sister Kalinda was preparing to leave Dr. Dickerson felt drew to pursue her and he knew that it was now or never, so he ran to her and ask if he could have her phone number she at first said no but then gave him her pager number. Dr. Dickerson says he paged her as soon as he got to a phone. They began courtship and received wise Council and were United in Holy

In 2004 the Lord Blessed Pastor Dickerson to receive his Master's and Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Hamilton University.  In 2007 He'd begin the Chaplaincy for the Memorial Hospital at Easton.  They were active members and attended their church Faithfully; Greater Mt. Zion Pentecostal Holiness Apostolic Church(PAW) in Bethlehem Maryland under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop Chester P. Friend. All the while, Pastor Dickerson knew and sensed that there was yet something else the God wanted and Desired him to do. Soon and very soon he began to do just as the song writer said " to Yield and give himself away so that God may use him". Pastor Dickerson first acknowledged the call of God on his life to his wife who'd previously confirmed and spoke about the call she saw upon him, next he acknowledged this call to their Pastor who instructed him as to the protocol to start ministry under the umbrella of The Pentecostal Assemblies of The World. In 2009 Dr Berkley Dickerson graduated from Aenon Bible College with his Ministerial Degree and he preached his first trial sermon on August 2010, prior to going behind the sacred desk his Pastor instructed him to limit himself to 15 minutes. Pastor Dickerson did just that, he "hit it, quick it, and sat it" with a few moments to spare. He still laughs at this now and from this has derived his Motto " You don't have to be long, to be strong".  During this time to name a few Elder Dickerson operated as a volunteer Chaplain for University of Maryland Medical. He served on varies Youth commitee's at Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health Center dealing in Crisis

On July 5, 2015 with his Bishops Blessings Pastor Dickerson would Birth Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries, with much Prayer, Humbleness of heart and pure dependence on the leading of the HolySpirit.  Pastor Dickerson is a Faithful Member of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ (A.A. Of C)  Pastor Dickerson now resides with his wife Lady Kalinda and their children Keondra and Israel. 

He is the Pastor of Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries, With God's help Dr.
Dickerson has a made up mind and Strong determination to fulfill the Call and his destiny in Christ. Decreeing as there church motto that "Everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord"