Our Church Bio

Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries Inc.(RADM), is a Ministry where everybody is somebody & Jesus Christ is Lord, we are located in the beautiful city of Easton, MD. We are Affiliated with the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ (A. A. Of C.) and a part of the Eastern District Council.  

 RAD Ministries is comprised of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, race and gender. We invite  you to come be Developed, Trained, Equipped and Released for the continual work of the Ministry and Perfecting of the Saints. 

At RAD Ministries, we recognize that "WE" are the Church! 
 You will find a warm atmosphere filled with the Presence of God as we bow down and Worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.
 We believe our Ministry is a place where you will Grow in the Word as it is Preached through our Pastor and Ministerial Staff. 

Our First Lady Kalinda Dickerson is a one and only in her own right as she meets each hurting woman at their place of need and speaks prophetically in and over their lives while she commands the sleeping giant in them to arise and walk in purpose as they pursue their Destiny in God. Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries became a seed birthed into the lives of Pastor and Lady  Dickerson three years prior to their first public service. Gods exact words was "I am equipping you for Pastoral leadership BUT YOUR SEASON IS NOT NOW, WAIT AND YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOUR SEASON COMES." 

During this period Pastor and Lady Dickerson continued to commit their lives to the work under the leadership of their then pastor Suffragan Bishop Chester P. Friend of Greater Mount Zion Pentecostal Church of Preston, Md. 
Later it would be revealed as they served in the Church washing dishes, serving tables just merely serving the people of God, that this was Gods plan to teach humility and develop our servants hearts. 

God spoke how he would Divinely connect them with great men and women from around the world and when this begun  to happen they would know that they were moving into the season of Rhema word that God had released as seed. Finally after two years of nothing happening as to what God spoke concerning Pastorship Pastor and Lady Dickerson would come in contact with Bishop and Mother G M Boone of Detroit, Michigan. Bishop G M Boone who is one the generals in the Apostolic Faith and the Founder of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ. At the tender age of ninety three Bishop Boone would be serving as the Presiding Bishop of this 40 year old organization.
It would be ordered by the Lord for Pastor Dickerson to make a connection with this great man of God. Not knowing that the seed that was released two years prior was growing in the womb daily and upon this connection with Bishop G M  Boone it would begin to unfold and be felt in the birthing canal.  Bishop Boone begin to speak prophetically again at the tender age a seasoned general not a young one as some may think but a seasoned General spoke these words  to our Pastor " what God will do in Easton Md through your ministry is bigger than what you think." At this time Pastor Dickerson quotes "what was spoken was understood but not conceived".
The Vision would spring into action and the words that God spoke would unfold as Pastor and Lady Dickerson began to travel and meet great women and men of God of all ages from South Carolina, to Alabama to Florida to Kentucky, Ohio,  Virginia and Tennessee to name a few. Pastor Dickerson says "I would have never thought someone who was behind the scenes in ministry as I watched someone In the front line of ministry, I, someone in the field as David tending the sheep was being anointed for an appointed time". As it was in the natural so was it in the Spiritual Pastor and Lady Dickerson began to experience the birthing pains as the testing of their Faith was put on trial through what seemed like one thing after another. Again, not knowing the very God of their salvation was teaching them commitment and steadfastness to the word of the Lord that would prove to be evident as it now flows through Rad Ministries. Pastor and Lady Dickerson were now in their last trimester prior to the birthing. It's now close to "pushing" time. 

Pastor knew it was now time to go once again to his pastor Bishop Chester Friend to seek an honorable release from the Ministry at Greater Mount Zion, to fulfill the plan of God for their life which had been spoken nearly 3 years ago.

Pastor Berkley and 1st Lady Kalinda Dickerson would meet with their Pastor Bishop Chester P. Friend, the assistant pastor Elder Terrance Hubbard and Deacon Ronnie Cain(the Pastor's armor bearer). During this meeting it would be proven that the timing of God would be at hand, as our Pastor Bishop Friend set his approval for their to be releasing. Dr. Dickerson says "As Our Spiritual father as he has proven to be down through the years the concern was still there that we have the proper Spiritual covering and care  as well as accountability". 

Pastor and Lady Dickerson shared and gave clarity of their covering as well as commitment to be steadfast of the teachings of the word of God that had been taught them down through the years.  Their Pastor recognized and said he knew the leader Bishop G M Boone. Bishop Friend shared his heart and spoke  along with the assistant Pastor to ensure their ministry would have covering and thrive as far as location and things needed to begin.
At that time Pastor Dickerson ensured them with great confidence that the Lord has already provided and would continue to meet the needs to bring the Vision to pass. Keep in mind Pastor Dickerson has been a faithful member in this ministry for over 12 years as well preaching, praying and teaching the Gospel under Bishop Friend for many years. Lady Dickerson had been in this ministry of  Greater Mt Zion from birth and served faithfully following the leadership of  Bishop Friend. This would be a bittersweet move but knowing the call was ordained by God for Evangelism,  Development,  Training,  Equipping and Release for the continual work of the Ministry and Perfecting of the Saint

Thus begun Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries, Inc. July 5, 2015. 


Acts 26:22