Are you New to "Church"? Have you attended "Church" before but are New to Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries?

Well if that be the case then forget everything that you've be told or heard about "Church" on the norm.




At RHEMA you will never experience your typical "church service" BUT you WILL experience a Celebration with music, singing, shouting, jumping and clapping. It is NOT strange for us to witness souls Worshipping kneeling and laying prostrate before God giving him Glory! 


You will always receive a bold timely RHEMA Word whether it be through preaching, teaching or the prophetic. We believe that God is ALWAYS speaking. At RHEMA We believe and know that Gods body is a living, feeling, breathing body HE IS THE LIVING WATER! here you will love our energy we come NOT to be a spectator but to be a participator. You will experience seasoned seniors loving, and lively enjoying Jesus! Young adults on fire enjoying Jesus! Teenagers exploding and enjoying Jesus! Children running around and jumping full of energy enjoying Jesus! Our music is on point! Our musicians are anointed! The HolySpirit is our main Authority! We flow with the Spirit...we know it's not by our power nor by our might but by the Spirit of the living God! ! We don't come here to hear from "man" we come to hear and experience God! Holy Spirit Have Your Way! 


From this day forth you will see "Church" in a Rhema kind of Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries, where the Spirit of the Lord IS THERE IS LIBERTY!